Printing flowchart across multiple pages

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to draw a large flow chart that spans multiple pages when printing. Using the built in “Pages” is useless to me because I can’t have connectors that span across pages. Therefore, my “solution” is to create a single page that is a multiple of an A4 page size, so that it should just print across multiple pages.

For example A4 in Landscape is 29.70cm x 21cm. So to span 2 pages horizontally, I would expect to double the width to result in 59.40cm x 21cm. Then I add a custom ruler to split my fake “pages” in two, for reference:

However, when I go to print, it does not look at all how I would expect, no matter what combination of settings I try.
If I select “Original Size”, it only prints 1 page:

If I select “Distribute on multiple sheets of paper”, it gives me completely unexpected results. It seems to try and squeeze the entire document on page 1, but then page 2 looks as expected:

Page 1:

(Tries to fit everything on the page)

Page 2:

(Looks as I would expect page 2 to look)

What am I doing wrong?

(Edit: activated screenshots -AK)

Make the page as large as you need to place all the drawings. Export the document to pdf and then use the “Poster” feature of Acrobat Reader. There you can set over lap and turn on crop marks. That is much less stressful than trying to make a poster print with LibreOffice.

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