printing from calc print is postage stamp

normal spreadsheet when I print the output prints in a square about the size of a postage stamp.
There is a page break and I get two sheets printed.

What setting controls this.

Using LO on Windoze 10

p.s. I just printed another calc spreadsheet and it printed correctly using an entire sheet of paper.

pss, fast forward 24 hours.

I did a Ctrl-A and copied the sheet, then I did a Paste Special and only pasted
with the boxes on text and numbers checked. That printed. I have had to reformat a
bunch of columns, fonts, sizes but I am able to print.

So there must be a corrupt setting in the old sheet. So consider this closed unless someone at LO
wants a copy of the corrupt spreadsheet to try and find the problem.
I did not delete it.

Thank you

To control the scale of the printed output of Calc go to FormatPage and in the Scale section, you can choose how you want the spreadsheet to fit onto the page. If it is too small (like the size of a postage stamp), then you could try increasing the Scaling factor, and checking in FilePrint Preview whether it looks fine.

LO 6.0+: Menu Format - Page… - Sheet tab - Scale section, set Scaling mode: to Reduce/enlarge printout and Scaling factor: to 100%.