Printing of grid lines

When I print a spreadsheet, grid lines are dark black. How can I print gridlines in light gray like other spreadsheet programs?

Try to switch OFF the grid printing option, and use a colorized (light gray) border lines around the cells that you want to print.
Use Cell Styles.

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Menu Format - Page Style - Sheet tab.

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Thank you, but you misunderstood my issue. I would like to print the grid lines but with a lighter colored line (such as gray) rather than the dark black grid lines. My other spreadsheet programs (Microsoft Excel, SoftMaker Calc, etc.) automatically print the gridlines in a light gray thereby minimizing the appearance of the grid.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Craig Townsend
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Menu Format - Cells - Borders tab.

Sorry, but that is not a solution for a large spreadsheet. Too much time and effort. It seems this issue is something I must accept as the way Libre Calc performs or use a different spreadsheet program.

Thanks for your response.

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Grid v.s. Border lines:

I suppose that it is enough to modify the Default Cell style in yout huge document. Set the color of the border lines to light grey. Switch OFF the Grid printing, and DONE!
It is NOT too much time.