printing one design multiple times on one sheet

This is a hard thing to describe so bear with me:

I’m trying to get a coworker to ditch Microsoft publisher for libreoffice-draw. He’s using windows 10.

He is working on a design for some kind of a flyer that he wants to print (in this case) in 4 sections on one 8.5*11 sheet.

I think the best example of what I’m talking about is here:

Obviously the work-around is to copy-paste it 4 times, but he doesn’t want to have to do that, because it adds work whenever he wants to make changes to the design.

He’s looked all over the print settings but couldn’t find anything to that effect.

Are we missing something?

Any help is appreciated.

I’ve done this a lot in Writer, and I think also in Draw. It should work the same way in principle.

When you print, click the Page Layout tab and choose the number of pages per sheet. Go back to General and under Range and Copies choose Pages, then enter the same page number(s) repeatedly, separated by commands. For a single page document printed 4 pages to a sheet: 1,1,1,1. To print 4 pages 4 times each: 1-4,1-4,1-4,1-4.

Depending on the number of pages per sheet, you may need to change the page orientation. For example, portrait pages printed 4x2 will need a landscape page.

When you create the document, you may want to use letter (or A4) pages with large fonts, etc., or you may want to change the original page size to match the intended print size. Usually it doesn’t matter, but occasionally it can be beneficial to do it one way or the other.

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Pages=1,1,1,1 / Pages-Per-Sheet=4 worked for me. Thanks. Would ‘upvote’ but not allowed to :frowning:

Really clever! Many thanks :slight_smile: