Printing out of calc (v6.0.1) causes temp computer freeze, then prints

I’ve been using Libreoffice for many year (since V4) and this is the first significant issue I’ve run into.

When I go to print a spreadsheet, the print process will start, the computer freezes for about 10 seconds and the starts to print. This only happens in Calc, not Writer. If I open the same spreadsheet in 2016 Excel, it prints immediately as your would expect.

I didn’t have this problem until upgrading to V6. Any ideas on what may be going on? I’d rather stay with LibreOffice rather than Office but printing is kind of important.

Thanks for taking the time with this question.



This isn’t an answer but a followup. I uninstalled V6.0 and reinstalled 5.45. That prints normally. Does anyone know if there was a change in the printing code for the software? It still only affected calc.