Printing part used label sheets

Some while ago I asked the question: “Hello, Having several sheets of part used labels, I needed to print on those parts of the label sheet that still had blank labels. LO insists on printing starting at the top left hand corner. Is there a way to “place” labels on the sheet?”

There was a solution, by Ratslinger, which involved unticking the “Enable Cursor” under the Protected Areas section found under Tools/Options/Formatting Aids. It appeared that this work around was successful because I said as much! It does not appear to work with the latest version of LO (7.2) am I missing something?

Thanks & Regards, Jim

It does work. I was trying to delete the fields in each label cell. I just have found that I was able to select the whole cell (after I saw the tiny black arrowhead appear when my cursor was on the edge of the “cell” wall. Once selected, the cell (label) could be deleted.

Thanks for your help,
Kind Regards, Jim