printing the tutorial

I have had trouble printing spreadsheets on my Macbook and got called a reluctant child on
the Libre Forum!! Had no help at all from them but basically made to feel an idiot, as if that could help.

They said it must be a printing hardware problem, but when I tried to print off the relevant pages
of the tutorial

a) I could print pages 173, 175 and 176 fine and when I went to preview for these pages, there was clearly text shown there before I sent to printer.

b) BUT pages 172 and 174 (and others) showed no text in preview, and came up as "no page selected’-therefore this can’t be down to the printer.

I get the feeling that Libre doesn’t work well with Macs-any help or advice would be welcome

libre and OS el capitan 10.11.2

v5 is as much of a disaster on Windows & Linux as it is on Macs. LO is an equal-opportunities offender. You are not being picked out.

v4 seems to work well. I’m unsure of any actual benefits that v5 offers over v4.