Private function

If in the M0 module of an L1 library (therefore not the standard library) I declare a private function defined as follows:

private function fPrivate ()
msgbox "local"
end function

and call it from another M2 module in the same library the function is executed

Shouldn’t private functions be visible only in the module in which they were declared?

Libreoffice Ubuntu 16.04

tdf#134504, tdf#139373

Thanks for what you reported.
If it can be useful, to extend the information in the links on the bugs you have reported, the problem presented also exists only in basic, at the IDE level, in the absence of an open document.
And it is presented both at the macro document level and at the macro application level, both in version 7.4 and 6.2 (prior to 6.4 mentioned in the links)
It seems to me a Basic problem independent of the open document.
I consider the problem solved, being a bug still to be fixed
Thank you