Problem and Solution connecting to csv file with Base

Hey everyone.

I have a problem, but also a weird solution

After clicking on the libreoffice Base Icon, then “Connect to an existing database”, then “Text” in the drop-down menu, then “Comma-seperated value files (*.csv)” and finally on “Browse”, I can’t seem to connect to csv files. They are all highlighted in grey , and I don’t know why.

Anybody have an idea?

Strange Solution

The only solution I found was to create a file, place the csv file in it, copy the path in the “Browse” bar, choose the correct delimiter for the file, and click on “Next”, click on “No” when the “Confirmation” Message Box appears, choose “Comma-seperated value files (*.csv)”, next “Next” and “Finish”.

If you do this for one file in a folder that has other files, by doing the exact same thing, you connect to all the files in the folder, but some files won’t be displayed correctly depending on the delimiter you choose.

IMPORTANT: when inserting the path into the “Browse” bar, the path must have NO SPACES (or other certain characters maybe?), other wise the connection will not work.

Edit: not sure why LIMIT doesn’t work though.

LibreOffice Version on macOS Mojave Version 10.14.3


The csv files are all greyed out because it only needs the directory pointed at. Once established & connected all csv files in that directory are accessible in the Base file. Only one file (table) at a time may be used in queries but they are all accessible. If you add another to the directory, it too will be available in Base when opened again.

If you wish to limit the number of files, place the Base file & specific csv files in a separate directory.

Thanks for the explanation Ratslinger! Useful to know that adding files will be available in Base when opened again.