Problem copying from Calc to Base.

I have a list of 7000+ words in one column in Calc. I made a database in Base and tried to copy and paste into it. All 7000 words go into one cell. What am I doing wrong?


Based on the statement of all into one cell, it sounds as if you are trying to paste the data into a table via a Table Data View. This would be the wrong place. You should be right clicking on the table name you are pasting into or a blank area to create a new table.

For further information, please see the LibreOffice documentation → LibreOffice Base Guide. In the Base guide, look in Chapter 3 Tables under the section of 'Importing data from other sources`.

Thank you for responding. I tried the right clicking after watching a YouTube video telling me to do that. It did not put anything into my database. I’ve recently changed from Windows and Office to Linux and Libre Office, so I have some learning ladder to climb. I will follow your reading advice.