Problem editing a post in this forum

I’m trying to edit a post in this forum. I’ve done so many times before without a problem. However, my most recent post (“Calc C# SDK: sample program to read/write images in cells (ADDPIX)”), which I edited once already, doesn’t seem to be editable any more.

[Chrome suggested that I add an “app” for “” so I did. It seems to just go to a special instance of Chrome that looks like an app but displays the same web page. I have the same problem using the web page or the “app” but the pictures below show the app version.]

If I display my post, I get the following screen:

The arrow points to something I can click that shows the following screen:

This shows me a side-by-side view of the post showing the changes made in the first edit. That is of no use to me as it doesn’t offer a way to do a new edit, so we will ignore it. Going back to the second page of the first screen:

The arrow points to where I would expect to see a pencil icon letting me edit my post, but none is there.

How can I make more edits to my post? Perhaps there is a delay before I can do so?



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Please don’t worry about this, it’s temporary.


After some time that you spend here, your status will increase, you will be trusted and you will get additional opportunities.


If not for this cautious attitude towards newcomers, then this resource would already be clogged with spam. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

I went to Understanding Discourse Trust Levels. It looks that this is a limitation intended to protect against spam or other nasty behaviour.

According to the aforementioned page, you need to be TL2 Member to see this limitation dropped. It also gives you hints on how to reach TL2 (assuming you’re interested by AskLO topics).

PS: I took the liberty to retag your post as meta as the question is not “common” to Writer, Calc, Draw et al. but is related to this site ergonomics.

Thanks. I understand now, and will wait to be able to update my post.

I consider myself a pretty active user but I’m a long way from getting to a higher Trust Level – I’m at “Basic” (TL1) now. That’s ok; I do appreciate that the forum is able to pretty much eliminate spam.

And thanks @ajlittoz for updating the tag on my post. There didn’t seem to be one that was appropriate when I searched. Maybe an admin could add one?


meta is for every question not related to LO operation, especially issues with AskLO site. So the “appropriate tag” already exists but finding a tag when asking is not really easy, all the more since no description is attached.

Unfortunately it’s not temporary as I’m only a “Beginner” user (level 1), even though I participate quite a bit. I printed out the list of requirements to get to level 2, which would allow me to edit my posts for 30 days, and I’m trying to check them off.

In the meantime I am adding a post correcting the error(s) and adding updates to the post I wanted to edit.


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