PROBLEM enter key moves text to a new page instead of creating a new paragraph in writer

I press enter trying to make one paragraph two and instead it sends everything right of the cursor to the next page, leaving a huge blank space. This happens every time I press enter, but I don’t remember changing any settings. I can’t use Libreoffice until this is fixed, it’s very frustrating.

@Dad , @PYS The problem does exist and is not solvable with the so far proposed answers.
I have one document, where enter always leads to new page. So far I checked: paragraph settings, style settings. I always unchecked in Text flow break with a new page. What else could be the reason … ? (except a bug in LibreOffice Write)

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See Spacing Above paragraph: and Below paragraph: (Indents & Spacing tab).

The problem is still existing.
Temporary solution if you switch the view to Web view and then back to Normal every time you open the specific document.

It happens with only 1 document? Can you share it, or a shortened anonymised version of it that still has the issue.


The result you describe is the one expected when you press Ctrl+Enter.

You can check by menu Tools Customize, Keyboard tab, Shortcut Keys list, that Enter is associated to Insert Paragraph.

If not, you can click Reset in this dialog.

A more radical solution would be to rename your user profile as explained in this Wiki page.


To try to add a little extra to pierre-yves’s useful info, these are the default kbd settings:

  • Shift+Enter : new line : \n : (U+000A) LINE FEED LF
  • Enter : new paragraph : : (U+000D) CARRIAGE RETURN CR
  • Ctrl+Enter : new page : : (U+000C) FORM FEED FF


The Return & Enter keys are interchangeable in the above

When entering bullets and/or numbered lists:

  • LF will give a new-line but NOT a fresh bullet nor the next number
  • CR will give a fresh bullet or the next number on a new-line
  • FF gives a fresh bullet/number on a new page

If this helps then please tick the answer (:heavy_check_mark:)

I hate to sound simplistic, but I have seen this type of behavior before. The problem was a stuck or sticking CTRL key.

To test, first elicit the undesired behavior from the computer. Then tap both CTRL keys rapidly and repeatedly. Sometimes this will unstick the stuck key.

If you find a sticky CTRL key is the culprit, clean the key contact. You can try canned air, but you may have to pop the key cap to properly clean the contact.

Adding my 2 cents: on my laptop the numeral pad works like CNTL+enter, that is it adds a new page after the cursor. The regular Enter key adds a new line. This was tough because my regular enter key was wore out and didn’t always work.

Temporary solution if you switch the view to Web view and then back to Normal every time you open the specific document.