problem. error sub document cannot save doc

I just downloaded the lastest libreoffice, and am now getting an error message.

it is…

Error saving the document 'name of document"
Write Error.
Error in writing sub-document content.xml.

my libre office is Version:
Build ID: 55b006a02d247b5f7215fc6ea0fde844b30035b3
Locale: en-US (en_US)

I was NOT getting this error message with the old ver 4.07

oddly enough, it allows a save doc as RTF without the error message and when opened to try to save in the format " ODT"
then the error message shows back up.

As I am doing copy n paste ( control C then control V ) I have attempted to see if somehow I was getting GIGO by using the 'show non printing rot " control F 10.

I did NOT see anything that looked off to me. ( the odd spacing error, as in “” too much space in a sentence ( for example ) but that should not cause a “save error message”

Do I need to try to find the older version of LibreOffice and just downgrade back to it until a new version corrects this problem?


also, it does not seem to be a problem with the clipboard, the “cut n paste” stuff copies over correctly, it just will NOT allow a "save document in ODT format. Been reading hoping to find a work-a-round and one buggie was that the clipboard either could not or would not do a clean import

also, doing ‘cut n paste’ from the internet of text documents. Haven’t even attempted to cut n paste a graphic. sigh.

Latest version is and I know there has been a variety of problems logged on this forum with 5.0.x.x My prior version was and had no problems with that one. Not sure this is your problem but I tried 5.0.x.x and ran the other way.

Ive had exactly the same problem. I cant save with odt.
I have version
I had got round it by saving as xml but was told this is unstable. They were correct. I lost my work I did yesterday and had to re-write it this morning.
The bit I had writen yesterday was instead of thw words I wrote, blanks and “”.

Kind of thinking to move away from Libre office as its too risky to use.
Currently looking for a way to save my work now. I have copied and pasted it to an email to myself to be safe