Problem in accounts calculations with Calc ver 4.1.2

I have been using Open Office for a long time. A few weeks ago I switched to Libre Office 4.1.1 I have been facing some problems with Calc so I updated to ver 4.1.2 but the problems persist.

  1. Category defaults to date - decimals converted to dates, 5.9 becomes 5/9/2013 when format is general but when format specified is #,##0.00 5.9 becomes 41,522.00
  2. If C2 has the value 24.78 and C3 has the value 30.89, formula =C2+C3 gives the error #VALUE!
  3. Adding decimals gives error eg. entering formula =5.9+6+7 in a cell gives error #NAME?

Problems 2, 3 are experienced with or without enabling Java ver 7 update 40
Kindly suggest some solution

Hi ynd, please verify your options in Menu/Tools/Options/Language settings/Language, specially for Decimal separator.

  1. 41522 is the numeric value in calc for 05/09/2013 date.
  2. Surely your default decimal separator is “,” comma not “.” dot, then when you enter the values with a dot as decimal they are entered as text not as value, and cannot be used in operations.

Please take a look to Documentation:
1 Introducing Calc.
2 Entering, Editing, and Formatting Data.