Problem in inserting date in the document - word Date is inserted and not any format like Friday, December 1999

I find problem in inserting date in document - Procedure followed Type - select date -Subject Date format - Friday, December 1999 - only the word Date is inserted’. My system is Dell AIO 3459 - Window 10. There was some problem in software Window 10 and Dell service center in India reloaded the Window 10. Before this, I was using earlier version of Libre office and it was working smoothly. Now I reloaded the version Libre Office 5.2.4 Win_ x 86. I find the problem with this version of Libre. Other aspects appear OK. This was introduced to me by my daughter who is in US. I am happy with the performance of this software. I face similar problem with the insertion of Time.

Toggle the display of such field names, like Date and Time.

Menu: View>Field names
Shortcut: CTRL+F9

Worked for me. Thanks
Choice of date formats would be nice though.
I get 08/25/20, which is probably US…