Problem in the 'Pepito Cleaner' extension searching for various regular expressions

Hello everyone. I’m using the “Pepito Cleaner” extension:

in LibreOffice Writer, which is used to search, by means of various regular expressions, for some common OCR typos (numbers inside words, capital letters inside lowercase words…). It is a convenient extension because it shows all occurrences of the searched regular expression at a glance, so that false positives can be seen immediately and skipped quickly.

However, it seems that the extension has some problems when used on certain Odt files. For example, if it is used in the following file:

And if you use PepitoCleaner by searching for the default regular expression “Word with lowercase and upcase or with number” the results appear on Pepito in preview but if you click on them Pepito does not show the first occurrence of them on the corresponding page of the text but suddenly restarts the search. There is also a Debug on Pepito and the result is as follows:

┌ ▲ Error 1: Si è verificata un’eccezione
Message: .
└ ▲ in Find_Warning_Word !

Do any of you know what the problem might be? Unfortunately Pepito’s source files seem to be unavailable.

I’d still like to have another “find and replace” function that shows the results at a glance so I can skip the false positives right away.