Problem inserting a Draw document into Writer as an OLE

The is the first time I am doing this, so I must be missing something !

I have an ODG file (created very nicely by importing a PDF) that contains a vector drawing with Chinese annotation that I want to insert into a ODT and ultimately export to PDF.

On a blank page in an existing ODT, I click Insert → OLE and select Draw. I move the new image to the top corner (except for the margins) of the desired page and size the image to 7.5"x5.0". Clicking inside the drawing, I format the Page to 7.5"x5.0" and set all of the margins to 0.

I then go into Draw and Select the same size area (7.5"x5.0") and Copy it.

Back to writer and Paste.

But much moving and sizing is required to get the pasted portion to fit properly on the page.

Tell me there is an easier way !

@theoldwizard1 - it sounds to me that you need to define your anchor point.
Right click on your OLE in Writer and open the Anchor menu in the contex menu. There you can select the anchor point. Default should be “paragraph” However, in your case “page” might be the better anchor point

Changing the anchor to Page from Paragraph helps, but does not complete solve the problem.

It appear that when I paste the object into the OLE in Writer, the object’s top left corner gets placed at the X and Y position from the original ODG file.


Well, for what I am doing I want to do, I want “Anchor as a Character”.

Second, I was confused about Moving an object in Draw (4 way solid arrow) and Resizing it (2 way hollow arrow).