Problem Inserting Image or File in Forum Post

Using Windows 8 with IE10.

Attach image from my PC. In popup Browse to file when selected the file does not appear in the box to the left of Browse. Repeat without closing popup and file location appears in the box and inserts ! [image description] (http://) in the posting (no reference to my file location).

Using paperclip the same - need to do browse twice but nothing appears in the post.

Using Firefox browser it works with only one click of Browse putting ! [image description] (/upfiles/14377292508860909.png) in the post and for File [One.PNG] (/upfiles/1437729318278680.png) in the post.

It appears then that there is an incompatibility between IE10 and the Forum Program. Can this be rectified by the provider of the Forum software?

Test with IE 11.0

image description

@mariosv stated Test with IE 11

I see that IE11 works but the problem is with IE10.

Are there any Mods on this Forum? If so can they raise the issue with the Forum software provider?