Problem installing Libre Office in Win 7 64 bit

Hi. I hope some kind soul can help.

I tried to upgrade my Libre Office to version The installation procedes normally, but while “copying new files”, will stop and give me this message: “Warning 1909. Could not create short cut Libre Office.Ink. Verify that the destination folder exists and that you can access it”. The only option is to click “OK” which I do, and then another small window opens with the following: “Internal error 2902 ixoshortcutPropertyCreate” Again, click the OK button. The installer then rolls back, and the installation is terminated.

I’ve tried installing as administrator, because I am the administrator. I’ve tried using “unlocker” and also “Take Ownership” All to no avail.

Any ideas please.

Cheers, Dave.

Not the same error, but I also had trouble installing it. What fixed it for me was rebooting the computer.