Problem making crop marks from Crop Mark extension appear in every page

I have been trying to use the Crop Mark extension
(see Crop mark » Extensions)

I have been following these (slightly annotated) instructions.

Usage in LibreOffice 4.0 (Actually

  1. Download and open cropmark.odt and set the requested page size (plus bleed area required)

2a. Click on View » Toolbars » Logo to add Logo tools to standard toolbar

2b. Click on the Start icon (circle with a play button icon inside) of the Logo toolbar section

  1. Insert the result (a single shape group) into the master page of your drawing, presentation, or into the header or the footer of your text document.

I go wrong on step 3.
I go to the Side bar Deck » Page » Header of my text document
and click on the tick box and make sure that Same Content is set to All Pages

I then select and copy the shape group from cropmark.odt and paste it into my Header area of page 1 of my text document.
The crop marks appear in Page 1.
If I then create a second page by Insert Page Break, there are no crop marks on the second page.

Not sure what I am doing wrong

Extensions are created by freelance authors.

Solved by using this advice from
“When you insert an object like a frame or a picture into a master document, do not anchor the object “to page”. Instead, set the anchor “to paragraph” on the Format - (Object type) - Type tab page, and then set the object’s position relative to “Entire Page” in the Horizontal and Vertical list boxes.”

Click on Format » Text Box and Shape » Position and Size…
In Anchor, click on “To paragraph” (instead of “To page”).
If Position changes, reset to
“Horizontal: From left by; 0.00cm to: Entire page
Vertical: From top by; 0.00cm to: Entire page”

Maybe click on Protect position

After this, the crop marks appear on all pages.

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