Problem opening documents: LO freezes

When I try opening new or previously created documents. Often when trying to open a document from a folder, or one that is already open on desktop, it will freeze for up to 10 seconds when I try to click on it before I’m able to type anything. I’ve re-installed the latest version and still happening. Any ideas?

Also, when I try to print wirelessly with Hp office jet pro 8740, it only allows me to print in landscape view. I’ve tried looking all around at the settings and no options seem to work.

For printing problem, you should open separate question, but first search this site as couple of them already got answered. If you don’t find answer, repost that as new question and provide LO version, operating system, driver version and everything else that could be relevant.

And please, don’t use that Wiki thing! Why would you want to check it???

For freezing problem, try reset user profile.