Problem printing booklet layout of LibreOffice Impress slide-notes

I have a .odp file with 4 slides. I want to print the notes in a booklet. After folding to make the booklet, each page in the booklet should show a slide with notes underneath it. This used to work before I updated to v6.3.6.2 but I don’t remember what the settings were. The printer is Brother 8860DN (USB)

I have experimented with landscape/portrait, fold long edge/short edge, pages per sheet 2/1, brochure selected. No combination seems to work for me. What setting will print a booklet of notes?

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In the Print dialog (from Ctrl+P) have you clicked on the tab labelled LibreOffice Impress? In the drop down under Document, select Notes.

For Booklet. In the General tab, click on the + more for both Range and Copies and for Page Layout to see options for double-sided and Brochure. Cheers, Al

The following settings do not work.


[LibreOffice Impress tab]


[general tab]

all slides,

print both sides(short edge),


Landscape ,

pages per sheet=1,
(=2, then brochure, forces =1),


Printer: Brother MFC 8860DN USB

Printer [properties]


Flip on short edge,

pages per sheet=1,
(=2, then brochure, forces =1)


The preview displayed on printer properties looks correct. It shows a sheet 8.5 vertical, 11 horizontal with two notes pages on the sheet side by side. But the printed result is different. It is a sheet in portrait mode, with two notes sided by side but only on the lower half of the portrait sheet. On the other side of the same sheet there are also two notes on the lower half, and they are printed upside down.

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Don’t select booklet in the printer driver otherwise your printer will try to do a booklet of a booklet. Just Letter, Landscape, 2-sided, Short edge (Left).

Thanks Earnest Al, That fixed it for both LibreOffice and OpenOffice. And I now understand what was happening.

To be fair I had to write out instructions for myself to do booklet printing in LO, in Adobe (tricky), and PDF-XChange using a Brother printer; the help with the printer wasn’t. Could you tick the answer? Cheers, Al