Problem resizing images not to original scale

When I try to change length of a rectangle the width changes also. Previously this did not happen unless I dragged a corner.

By ‘images’, do you mean photos or other inserted graphics, or any graphic elements including the ones you can draw yourself?

The default behavior under Writer v4.3 for image resizing is now proportional (fdo#71669). The other components that can accept images (Calc, Impress, Draw) remain non-proportional by default were changed in v4.4 to also resize proportionally by default (fdo#83808). Under v3.3-v4.2 holding down SHIFT while dragging was required for proportional resizing. Under Writer v4.3+ and Calc/Impress/Draw v4.4+ holding down SHIFT is required for non-proportional resizing. but hopefully the second listed enhancement will make this consistent across all components.

Yes - but only in Writer. Impress still requires holding down shift for a proportional resize.

Wouldn’t it be nice for ALL modules to work the same?

Standardization in all applications would really be great!!!

Thanks @JohnD and @ROSt53 for bringing this to my attention. I have edited the answer and raised a corresponding enhancement request to get the desired consistency.