Problem seeing Colour on Writer pages.

FIRSTLY - I have imported an MSWord template into writer where captions for imported photos, maps etc would show in dark blue italic. References would also appear in a lighter blue and smaller font.
Initially this worked correctly in Writer until I fiddled with some settings. I now have all script in black (Automatic?) although they still appear correctly in the ‘Styles’ sidebar.

Clearly I have changed something without understanding the implications but this numpty can’t recall what I have done.

SECONDLY - I am having great difficulty in centring maps and photos in a document when they are the subject i.e. when the little squares are surrounding the import edges. I Dont know the technical term for this incidently and obviously.

Could someone explain please?

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Is your document saved as .odt or .doc(x)? In the latter case, you lose Writer-specific formatting information without recovering possible Word way of describing the format.

Style formatting is overridden by direct (=manual) formatting. Style attributes are not changed (thus style information is still “correct”). You simply added over it. The only way to tell is to select the offending sequence and Ctrl+M to remove direct formatting.

Precise and persistent placement of pictures can only be done with frame styles (riter specificity). If you save .doc(x), you lose it.

“little squares surrounding import edges”? = resizing handles of the frame once it is selected.

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