problem using cups 2.2.2?

With libreoffice- (built with cups support enabled) and cups-2.2.2, I cannot open a particular spreadsheet. The same spreadsheet can be opened successfully if I replace cups-2.2.2 with a cups-2.2.1

The only thing “interesting” about the particular spreadsheet is that it has a user-defined print-area as well as manuallyinserted page breaks. Other spreadsheets without these attributes can be opened successfully.

I don’t know if this is a problem with cups, or with libreoffice. (But Isuspect the latter.)

This is on a NetBSD-7.99.53 release on amd64 platform, and both cups and libreoffice are built from sources using the NetBSD pkgsrc system.

Upon further investigation, it appears that the NetBSD pkgsrc installs an invalid cups,.conf file when updating to cups-2.2.2. As a result, cupsd fails to start, and libreoffice cannot communicate with cupsd.

I will close this question as it is not an issue with libreoffice!