Problem when numbering the headings 1-2-3 in docx format upon restarting the document

Hello everyone, thanks for serving the commmunity. I’m having problem when numbering the headings 1-2-3, as described here in this screenshot video

problem description according to what is shown in video: on reopening the doc, i achieved the numbers 3 and 3.1 only after clicking the update button, but that too didnt work the next time on reopening as numbering wasnt present and after i switched on the numbering again manually it was the number 4 for every outline level ie heading 1-2-3

happens everytime, create any doc and reopen office once and twice for both observations in succession

problem occurs only with docx and not odt, using tools->chapter numbering still has issue though a little different.

after numbering using tools->chapter numbering for docx format: on first doc restart- numbering updates after clicking ‘update selected style’ and same number gets stuck for every level newly entered as can be seen in this video

As I already told you on IRC: don’t use DOCX for storing your data; use ODT, and only export to DOCX when need to send to someone unable to open ODT (and even then, prefer (hybrid) PDF when possible).

The main problem I experienced with .docx compatibility was related to list numbering. And chapter numbering is just another special list. Added to that you have a faulty usage of the “Update Selected Style” button (according to your videos). Contrary to what you think, this button will not reapply the style to the paragraph, but the present (direct) formatting in the paragraph will update the style definition. Without full explanation of what you’re doing (no sound track nor explanation on screen), I’d say you’re messing up the style dictionary. Added to that, you have double conversions (one to .docx when saving, the second one when reloading from .docx).

Instead of “Update Selected Style” button, have you tried Tools>Update>Update All which is much safer for style sanity?

Anyway, follow the usual advice, save native, i.e. .odt.

Tools>Update>Update All did not bring any change.

please do inform me if a workaround is found

bug submitted fdo#130446

I got a workaround fortunately. Idea clicked through Mike Kaganski sir mentioning its a simple numbered list and not a style generated numbering. But this is far from a good alternative being tedious and needs to be done everytime and at each site:

Right click to open context menu>bullets and numbering>continue previous numbering. Do this at the earliest site of wrong numbering and repeat at each next entry including every outline level without missing any entry.

Is there a shortcut for not doing at each entry after the first one? Selecting all the contents and then doing this workaround isnt proper when there are normal unnumbered contents in between the headings, as those too will get numbered otherwise.



it was bug fdo#130446, got fixed, will be available from version 7.

Caution! Caution! Mixing commands for lists with chapter (outline) numbering will mess up everything and worsen the problem.

Chapter numbering is one of the most used and stable features. You bump into problems with .docx if you define a complex and sophisticated numbering style (with numbers and letters, fancy indents, …).

Otherwise, it is likely you don’t use the feature as it should.