Problem whit extension- Could not create Java implementation loader-

I have been following this guide GitHub - smehrbrodt/libreoffice-starter-extension: LibreOffice Starter Extension. I use :
Libreoffice 5.2
Libreoffice SDK 5.3
java jdr8u121.
I do all steps but when i load the extension on Libreoffice appears this mesage: Could not create Java implementation loader.
Can you help me?

Perché in inglese? Siamo nella sezione in italiano.

Mi sono pure impegnato con il mio inglese maccheronico :smiley: comunque sono appena riuscito a risolvere se qualcuno avesse lo stesso problema:
anche se libreoffice, eclipse e libreoffice sdk sono in 64bit le estensioni di libreoffice accettano solo le jdk in 32 bit, ecco il perchè dell’errore.

Please make sure you have selected a JRE with the same bitness as LibreOffice. So 32bit JRE for 32bit LibreOffice, or 64bit JRE for 64bit LibreOffice.

You can choose which JRE LibreOffice uses in Tools->Options->Advanced.

Newer LibreOffice versions (I think since 5.3) should automatically select a matching JRE.