Problem with alphabetical index with 2 columns

I figured out how to create and populate an index, but because my book has two columns, I get a strange problem. Note the book has two columns, not the index. The left most column is just fine, but the right column does not show the page num. The index shows the word, but then fills out the rest of the line with …

I tried to upload a picture but got a > 3 points error dialog.

how do I make the right half come out correct?


Now you have 11 points in your Karma.

Please explain “Note the book has two columns, not the index.” Does it mean you just generate the index with the same page style as your main text? Have you switched to another page style with a single column?

The page style for the index is the same as the default page style. I have a title page set, but the rest of the pages are set to 2 columns or put an other way, the default page style has 2 columns. When I go to the index page and Right Click, edit index dialog, columns tab, the number of columns is 1 (one).

Please, upload the image demonstrating the problem.

I would love to upload an image, but can’t figure out how to do that. The image stuff in the creating the original question seems to be broken. It gives a nonsense error message about > 3 points for the image and I created the image in Photoshop from a screen grab so I know that it is correct.

I can’t upload an image but I can upload the text.
a sample of left side:

kingdom of God 26, 29
Lawlessness 18
led of the Spirit 7
Lie 19
lukewarm 4
Lust 19

a sample of the right side:
scarring …

Do you need index in two columns or in one? Does the page holding the index has two columns or one? Thing is - it should work, something is just not set right. If I were you, I would place index on single column page and do

Insert → Table of contents and Index → Table of contents, index, bibliografy.

Choose what you want to insert under tab Type. Move to tab Columns and choose two columns. Hit OK. Should work.

I can’t do things in a single column for the index. The index uses the default page style which is two columns

Could you make new page style for index instead using default style just to see what happens. My guess is that your problems lies in in-elegent way of using page styles.

As I understand it, you only get one default page style per document. If you want multiple page styles, you need a master document, which I am trying to avoid. I don’t know how to create page styles that don’t affect the entire document.

Master document is used to bind together several independent (slave) documents. This does not change the page style issue.

Page style changes are triggered by page breaks (implicitly or explicitly). When you Insert>Manual Break..., select the target page style instead of [None] to force the new page style.

You should never use default style in your documents. Every page style you use should be based on it, but don’t use it. Modifying that one will affect all the rest. Do right click on Default page style, choose new, name it, set it as you like. Repeat as many times as you need. Apply newly created ones. Default style is just an initial set of attributes, root, place to modify whole document in one place, it’s not for fine tuning small stuff.

thank you ajlittoz, kruno, you have come the closest to helping me. I tried your solution, and it actually works if I pick one column for the index. If I pick 2 columns, the same problem comes back for the right side column. Anyway, I can live with all the wasted space for now.

Again, Thank you very much.

The align right was already checked for the tab. If I set it to manual, it works for two columns Thanks.

I converted ajlttoz’s comment to answer so you can accept it.

If index is correct in 1-column format but not in 2-column format, this means you have a problem with the tabulation for the page number in the index entry. To check, right-click on an index entry in the table and choose Edit Index/Table, select Entries tab. Click on T in the Structure bar. This will display the tabulation properties. The adequate value (auto-adapting to column width) is the Align right box checked (no absolute value in box position).