Problem with anchor picture in all page

How do I place the ANCHOR ON PAGE shortcut in the context of the right button, or on the shortcut in the top menus?

shortcut is the best way.

Are you sure you meet this difficulty in Calc (you tagged calc)? Your screenshot looks like a Writer window. In this case, retag to replace calc with writer (press Enter twice to exit retag mode).

My answer is for Writer because Calc offers only two anchors To Page (read “to the current sheet”) and To Cell.

As a general advice, don’t use To page anchor in Writer because it does not result in what you expect. If you are on page 54 of your document when you insert the picture and anchor it To page, it will remain anchored on page 54 for ever and will never follow text flow. If editing reduces your document to 36 pages, the picture will still be on page 54 with 17 undeletable blank pages in-between.

A picture should be anchored to some paragraph. Thus, it will follow the paragraph when text flow moves it. The position can be adjusted with the various parameters in Position at bottom of Type tab. This is where you choose either a position relative or within the paragraph or a position relative to the current page.

It is also wise to tick the Keep within paragraph margins box so that the picture does not overflow into the page margins and to untick the Allow overlap box in the Wrap tab to prevent several pictures to overlay each other.

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Dear ones,

This is not really a solution. I don’t think it is to LibreOffice to decide whether or not I want to anchor a picture to the page or want it to move with the text. There are good reasons for page anchoring (for instance logo’s on letter-heads), where you don’t want the picture to move to another page but stick to page one whatever you do.

Is it, please, possible to restore page anchoring?

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@janhaverkamp1: since you are not the author of the original question, explain how your comment relates to it. It looks to me it is an independent question you should ask separately (eventually linking to this one to show you have queried the site and not found what you are looking for).
See my answer here for a discussion on anchor modes and positioning.
There are several ways to have a logo on first page. The simplest is to anchor it to the very first paragraph of the document.

Of course, my remark is related. It is about the complete disappearance of the possibility to anchor to page in the lastest LibreOffice versions. I am currently using (x64).

Your answer is very fundamental. In principle, I would say, there are no bad questions from users. Some users want and need - for their personal reasons - anchoring to page.
You argue they need to make a frame, but that is only for the way that you want to do it - not necessarily for the way others want to use it.

You argue about preciseness and so on. If I have a certain image to be on the same spot, I define them. Sometimes it is sufficient to use the cursor.

You argue about “desk top publishing”, but the whole point of graphic interfaces was that WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get - to overcome for day-to-day users the barrier between word processing and desktop publishing. This is a development I was honoured to go through in the early 1990s!

The simple question I have for the developers community is to restore the “anchor to page” function, as there are users that benefit enormously from it. I am aware that there may be coding reasons behind removing it, and I cannot code it back myself. I therefore have huge admiration for you folks. But the point remains that removing certain possibilities does have direct consequences for a part of the user base.

With kind regards,

Jan Haverkamp

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I also use (under Fedora Linux) and To page is still there. But I see now that it is not available with right-click and Anchor>… To work around this suppression (?), select Properties and To page is available in Type tab. A few more clicks I admit. I didn’t notice because I use frame styles where I defined anything. Therefore I only need a double-click.

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I think one of the problems which can be easily “solved” with the anchoring to a page is that there is a difficulty to WYSIWIG-way place the image, anchored to a paragraph, if that paragraph slits over two pages – and the image must go on the second page. I finally figured it out that You need to move the anchor (grabbing it with mouse) to the end of the paragraph and than open the context menu (right-click) on the image, Properties → Type and then play with the position (maybe also with “ŗelative to”). It worked for me, so I decided to share it here…

Indeed, it is not (and never will) be up to LibreOffice to decide such things. And in this case, LibreOffice does not decide for users, too.

However, it is up to LibreOffice team to look closely for the problems that users face with its UI, and when we see that something creates much confusion in users, e.g. making lots of inexperienced users (which, as usual, are the majority) believe that they should use feature X, when in fact, feature X is mostly an advanced feature intended/useful in very specific cases, we should change our UI to stop promoting the feature that much, and that way, help most users to avoid the confusion - at the cost of requirement that experienced users who need that feature X (indeed, still available!) use property dialog to enable it.

You may see that we had lots of questions here (and elsewhere) regarding perceived “wrong” behavior of to-page anchored objects - showing that users misused the feature in mass. We created a wiki page to help users understand it - but you naturally realize that such FAQs would be the last thing a user would look for when they decide to click on a context menu item. So then you may read tdf#135836, to see the reasoning behind the decision to finally hide it from the most prominent places, and tdf#140702 to learn about the reasoning behind not restoring it. You may also read tdf#90933, tdf#141161, and tdf#141162, to see that we realize the real problem that forces many to (ab)use the to page anchoring - as noted by @esmuigors (who, maybe, actually needed a to character anchoring at the end of their paragraph).

Hope this helps to understand the change better, and appreciate why it is an improvement, even if not the ideal solution.