Problem with Arabic language and Book numbering

My problem is this :
When I try use book numbering in arabic I get a problem
In English the book numbering goes like this : = Chpater 1, Paragraph 2 , subparagraph 3 … etc
But when I switch to Arabic (which is a Right to left language) then the numbering must look like this : = Chpater 1, Paragraph 2 , subparagraph 3 … etc
But it doesn’t, instead it looks like as in English
Any tips ?

Unfortunately, This is a bug in libreoffice which causes separated numbers to appear Left To Right even If you are using RTL direction. It appears also in:

  • Date: 22/2/2014 The result should be reversed in RTL (2014/2/22)

  • Dot separated nubmers (Your problem)

  • Dash separated numbers (1-2-3-4)

  • Plus separated nubmers (1+2+3+4)



The only workaround I know is to change the separator (Edit - Fields) to a character that doesn’t have the bug. If you need to keep the same separator (dot), You can choose another dot from Unicode map such as U+2024 ( ․ ). (Credit to Safa from #LinuxAC who just discoverd this character)

If you have this problem in other cases, You can simply insert a space before or after the separator.

Is there a way to work around it ?

I have updated the answer with a workaround.