Problem with Base split database after upgrading

I’ve just upgraded to Windows 10 and so upgraded to Libreoffice Version: (Build ID: f99d75f39f1c57ebdd7ffc5f42867c12031db97a)
I have a split database - it is relatively new. It was made using the wizard here [Wizard] Create a new 'split' HSQL 2.x database (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum.
There is a table in it that is basically just an archive - it was originally in Access 02 -it was a bit of a faff to get it into Base -I can’t remember how I did it.
And a completely new table which I was using.
I was happily entering data using a form into the new table and then decided I needed to make a query. When I opened the queries there were 3 queries already there called Query 1-3. They were about system tables or something - don’t think I made them? But I guess I could when I was trying to get the archive table into that file. I deleted them -but I’ve since got them back.
I tried to copy and paste my ‘in use’ new table -basically just temporarily whilst I faffed with the query - to protect it. I couldn’t - it didn’t like any of the names I tried to call it. I decided to close without saving.
Both table names appear but when I click on them they disappear and I get this message 'integrity constraint violation: unique or index violation; SYSTEM_TABLES table: system:SYSTEM_TABLES
The form is still there -when I click on it it says the table doesn’t exist…
Then when I go back to the table view both tables aren’t there…
It keeps crashing LO
I have another independent split database -with no old tables in and that seems to be fine -no mysterious queries or disappearing tables…

Any advice before I roll back to Libre Office 4 and/or Windows 7?

I meant to say when LO crashes out I get the message libreoffice 5.1 fatal error

Take a look at these links: SEH Exception and reset profile.

I reset my profile and I’m still having the same issue

Your .odb may be corrupted. Try this at your own risk. Create new empty split DB - call it TestDB or whatever. Delete the .properties & .script files in database sub-folder. COPY .data .properties & .script from problem database sub-folder & paste into new database sub-folder. Rename these three to the name given to the new empty DB (ie: etc.). Open the new .odb & see if you can view your table now.

Thank you - I have my data now. Thinking it might be best and quicker just to start again and re-enter the data. It is new so not a lot in it and I have done all the time consuming planning /design etc.
More worried about my other split database - if this is a LO5/windows 10 issue - that has a lot of info in it - would hate to have to start re-entering that…

MS Access uses System Tables which in Access are not normally visible but can be viewed. They are created and updated by Access. They should never be modified by users. They contain a lot of information about the database and are used by Access for housekeeping.

Did you copy the Table from Access 02 or are you linking to the Access database? What is the contents of the 3 Queries you found? When you deleted them did they come back on their own?

EDITED 24/07/16

Further investigation reveals that hsqldb, the database engine used by LO, also uses System Tables. Running this query:-


shows these System Tables. They are all memory resident and not part of the database. They are created when the database file is opened and used for housekeeping whilst the database is in use.

The 3 queries you found, which were created again after you deleted them, are probably used during the creation of the System Tables and would be deleted if the initiation had not found problems. The error you get when you attempt to look at your Tables also refer to an index problem with the System Tables. It appears that this database is corrupted as you can open another of your split databases. It could be related to the Table you imported from Access.

As a first step try the backup copy. Keep a copy of the backup as opening the file may be causing the corruption. You could then the the suggestion from @Ratslinger. You will need to use a zip file editor to look at the database .odb files they are in zip file format.

If this does not work I would sugest going back to the version of LO you used to create the database. There have been problems reported in the forum using version 5 of LO on Windows 10.

I have imported tables from Access into Base databases without any problems using LO ver. 4.41.2 and ver. but these are embedded ones.

Honestly I can’t remember but I know I tried not to link it to my access (XP it worked just in 7 - in 10 I thought it might not…it does though!) I think in the end I did link it then copied to calc and back to the new database file in base?
3 queries came back on their own but I closed without saving and also tried to restore my back up (but think my back up software isn’t working properly in 10) I will copy and paste the query SQLs shortly from PC (on tablet so I could faff with laptop)


@lucky67 I have edited my original reply 24/07/16.

Thank you - I managed to restore the back up copy - the tables are there but so are the queries.
I restored to a different file location then delete the ‘problem’ files/folders - I couldn’t delete the driver folder because it said it was in use but I couldn’t find where… so I just copied the database folder and the database front end file.
Tempted to redo the whole database and keep the access table separately - but l don’t want it forgotten and end up in an obsolete format and unusable.