Problem with Copy and Paste in Writer

I’m used to being able to copy articles with text and images from web pages into MSWord 2010. However, whenever I try to do it in Writer, all I get is text along with empty boxes. What am I doing wrong?

Try to insert as Paste Special (HTML), little triangle beside Paste Icon or CTRL+SHIFT+V.

Thanks but I already tried that. Didn’t work. :frowning:

Can you tell some example websites where the copy/paste proceeding does not work, for better examining?

All websites that have images and text.

I stumbled on a “fix” today that pretty much allows me to copy/paste web articles with text, images, and hyperlinks into Writer. I created a template from a blank .docx file made in Word then used the template to paste a copied web article. There are some minor glitches that have to be corrected but it’s much faster than pasting in unformatted text, then restoring formatting, images, and hyperlinks one at a time.

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