Problem with date field in Base

I have a database that includes a field for the person’s birth date. However, every time a date is entered it changes to today’s date. I didn’t find anything in the field definition to cause this. When I tried entering a default date for the field, subsequent entries changed to the default date. How can I change this so that it keeps the entered date?


Although you have included almost no information (LO version, OS, is this on a form) it seems the control on the form has a default setting.

Edit the form, select the Date control affected. right mouse click, select Control and on the properties General tab check the Date min, Date max and Default date fields. This would be the most likely cause.

If not, please provide more specific information and if possible a sample.

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Thank you for your response. I’m using LO on a Windows 10 laptop. The field in question in on a formed designed for this purpose (I have a screenshot of the form but can’t find a way to attach it). I looked at the properties of the control. Date min has 01/01/1800, Date max has 12/31/2200, and Default date is empty. When I tested the form today, after entering a date and hitting tab, the date vanishes. When I look at the table view, there is no data in that field.

Those defaults should be OK but now your problem has seemed to change. Original question - “… changed to the default date” and latest comment - “…the date vanishes”. So it’s hard to say what the problem is based upon changing situations. Again, a sample would be best. Have given you enough points for you to attach to original question. No personal or confidential info please.

@djsuson Have been testing some more with dates. Can somewhat duplicate your result(s). This problem seems to occur when an improper date or date format is entered.

Example - Date format is MM/DD/YY & enter 03/01/15 or 03-01-15 all is OK. Enter 15/01/15 or 15-01-15 or 030115 and problem. Now if it is the first record, resulting date is current date. If not first record, the resulting date is date of previous record. If previous date is Blank (wasn’t required) this is why you get blanks.

This seems to be a bug and you should report as such at Bugzilla.

My testing thus far shows correct dates captured if the correct format & values are entered. My tests were done on Mint 18.3 with LO v6.0.2.1