Problem with First Page header in Master

I’m making a master document with several existing documents as sub-documents.
The problem I have is that the heading in the first page of the master, which I want
to design as a Title page, gets reproduced in the first page of each subdocument.
Is there any way to avoid this? I have the First page of the master defined as First page,
cannot find the way of defining it as Title page, so that its header is not automatically
reproduced on each first page of the subdocuments.

I am not sure whether your term “Title page” is a reference to a custom page style that you have defined or a generic reference. The “First Page” page style can be used as a title page and is, in fact, ideally suited to this role being a pre-defined page style for the first page of any document. I am not overly clear exactly what structure you are hoping to obtain so I will attempt to paraphrase your issue.

  • You have a “Title page” (possibly using the First Page page style) as the initial page in your master document.
  • There may be other leading pages (forepapers) in the master document.
  • Each sub-document also has an initial page, which sounds like it is making use of the First Page page style.
  • The result is that the header set on the “Title page” in the master document is repeated on the initial page of each sub-document.

Does that sounds right? If it is, you will need to separate the initial pages in the master and sub-documents from making use of the same First Page page style. The easiest way to do this is define a new page style, perhaps labelled “First Page master” and apply that to the initial page in the master document. If this is the only page in the master document this should be sufficient.

If there are other (ensuing) pages in the master document (e.g., forepapers) then changing the page style of this initial page may alter the header/footer information on the remaining pages in the master document. This will depend upon whether or not a page break with a specific style has been set at the end of this initial page. To rectify any loss of header/footer information in the master document, go to the end of the initial page and insert a page break with a page style that is applicable to the rest of your master document.

There are other possible factors that may be influencing what is going on however without an example to examine it is difficult to tell. I provide an example master document in my answer here that may be worth looking at.