Problem with hyphens...headache

Hi everybody,
I spent already HOURS today to find out how set the hypens and I discovered that I have to modify them inside language settings. BUT I still have a problem with the voice “MAXIMUM NUMBER OF CONSECUTIVE HYPHENS” because I modify the default style that I use and I put number 2 of maximum number of consecutive hyphens (I do not have others outside default) than I save it. ANd when I open the saved file the number go back to 0. So the program does not keep the number that I want to put.
Any help?

Please what file type do you use to save?

Thanks for the answer! I tried RTF and DOC

Have you tested with native odt format?, maybe RTF and DOC don’s support that option.

THANKS lot!!! I found it out few minutes ago and I came back here to say that is all right, indeed I have to save it as ODF and work on it!!! Thanks for your help!!!