Problem with LO memory... or something.

Back in 2014 I remember saving some settings… or something in LO, when I open my doc again that was gone and then I had to manually save it again.

Recently, I asked for some help here because the automatic font colour kept disabling itself from the custom orange I selected, no matter if it was a new .docx or I was working on a saved one.

And now… words that I’d set as valid for the spell checker not to underline them as incorrect, they are gone the minute I close the program.

Same problem in LO with three different laptops since then.

What do you thing is going on?

Things since to fix by themselves as time goes by but this is not a solution.

You should always save the document in the standard .odt format. Otherwise settings may well be lost. Do you have this same problem when you use .odt? .docx should only be used if you are sending the file to a MS/Office user. Even the .doc would be a better option.