Problem with locked .odt Files

Hello, i have a problem with locked .odt files in a bigger environment with 40 Clients. Not all files are locked, the problem appears sometimes in a few files on a day and on different clients. We have a workflow with folders f.e Folder1, Folder2 and Folder3 are the workflow folders. Client1 edit a .odt, save, exit and drop the file into Folder2. Client2 wants to edit the .odt and sometimes the File is locked and you can chose between to open write protected or normal open. If you try to open it normal you can not see the edited text from Client1. If you open it write protected you can see the editet text, but you can not edit anymore. Ok i can remove the unvisible lock file on the server, but this is not a solution for many odt files during a day.
There is a solution for linux to disable the locking - comment out this line with # export SAL_ENABLE_FILE_LOCKING in soffice script. But where can i disable this in OSX?

regards Lars