Problem with new download

The download method has changed;
How I can download Linux version using Win. Computer and
how I can authenticate download using hash & pgp?

On the download page, just above the big download buttons, is the line that reads something like:

LibreOffice Windows, version 3.5.0, English (US). Not the version you wanted? Change System, Version or Language

(The above line is not wrapped on the download page–it is just one long line.)

The right part of that line is a hyperlink that will take you to a page where you can select the operating system platform, then a page to select the language, and then to a page that allows a selection of a few versions. Click on the version, and you get the buttons for downloading, labeled with the platform and version you had selected. Click on the “info” link in each of the two buttons will display a bunch of hash totals. There is also a link on the page with the hash totals for PGP signature.

I hope this gets you started in the right direction.

Switching platform/language will probably reworked a little in the next weeks.

also note that you can just append “.asc” or “.md5” or “.torrent” to a downloadurl to fetch the md5sum, the gpg signature and a torrent file. The full info page with “.mirrorlist” appended has all data. (the “info” link)