Problem with paragraph alignment in Writer

I have a document with a short description of a map and a separate paragraph below it.

I want the description to be centred but the paragraph aligned to the left (where all the other text paragraphs are.)
But when I select the description only, both it and the paragraph below centre and I cannot get them to align separately.

I’ve deleted them both and done it all again, but the problem is still there, and when I undo the direct formatting on both, redo it separately, the problem remains.

What am I doing incorrectly ?

Basically, it’s two paragraphs, if I understand it correctly.
Each paragraph that should be different must get a separate paragraph style.

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Check that you typed Enter (paragraph break) and not Shift+Enter (line break). You can tell by enabling View>Formatting Marks. They display respectively as a pilcrow (“mirrored P”) and a square arrow to the left.

Though both have seemingly nearly the same visual appearance (save for vertical spacing), they are semantically very different.

I understand you use direct formatting. It is a main source of errors. Learn how to use styles.

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Thank you very much - that has fixed it in HTML and ePub

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