Problem with presentation on other PC

Hello ! So, the presentation from Impress works perfectly on my PC, but the text is completely cropped on another Computers. IS there any way to fix it ?

Well it depends on a lot of factors: are fonts you using on your computer installed on another? Do you view your presentation in Impress or PowerPoint? Which file format you saved for work in? Which version of LibreOffice you use?

Some general advice:

  1. make sure you match aspect ratio of a presentation on your computer with aspect ratio on another
  2. choose fonts you know will be available on another computer
  3. If possible, try showing your presentation on another computer with Impress
  4. save presentations in ppt (not pptx) if you view them on PowerPoint
  5. if you have some spare time on another computer: go trough your presentation on
    and check if everything is correct and fix there what needs fixing

I don’t know which operating system you use or does text get cropped in LibreOffice or some other office suite, but maybe you can install LibreOffice on that other computer? Maybe you could use portable version of LO? That could save you a lot of trouble.

If it’s font problem (but I doubt), you can embed fonts in your presentation with FilePropertiesFontEmbed fonts and see will that work.

You need to provide more information about this.