Problem with printing selected cells in Calc

I have a selection of cells in a spreadsheet. The selection is 3 columns wide, and 46 rows deep - it will easily fit on one page of paper. However when I print the selected cells, only the first 17 rows x 3 columns are printed. What am I missing?

Please check it out again if Print Preview displaying the selected cells correctly; there shouldn’t be any problem.

You can try select the desired range and then from MenuFormatPrint RangeDefine

print document.

Print preview does not show all the selected cells either :frowning: It should not be necessary to define a print range. However I have determined that the bug seems to be related to the page breaks - if the selection crosses a page break, only cells up to the page break are printed. I’ve submitted a bug report with an example.

It would be handy if “print preview” would allow you to do a preview on just the highlighter/selected cells. Currently you would have to print highlighted cells and print them, hoping they’re readable or fit on the page properly. Usually when you’re printing a highlighted group it’s because you need a “quick and dirty” output, and so you shouldn’t have to print and fudge multiple times to get something usable.

In the tab [Sheet] of the page style, you can set up on the Scale, a percent, or how the print range should fit in a number of selected pages.

In LO 6.3 (similarly in some previous version) you do it in 2 steps.

First, set the printing range:

  • select the range of cells you want to print
  • in the main menu select: Format > Print Range > Define

Second, set that the print range should be in one (and only one) page:

  • Format > Page > Sheet
  • in the Scale section, in the Scaling mode dropdown, select “Fit print range on number of pages”
  • be sure that the following “Number of pages:” is set to 1

Now print selecting Print Selected Cells in the From which field of the Print dialog. Only one page should print with only the cells you selected (as large as possible to fit the page).


  • the preview while printing unfortunately will not display accordingly to your settings, you should disregard it
  • if what printed appears too big, in the second step select Reduce/enlarge printout and play/try different values of the Scaling factor.

This does not work for me. Selection does not cross a page break, either. I get a blank sheet.