Problem with Table of Contents

I use ToCs in my Writer docs. I base it on headers, levels 1,2,3, and keep it set to the defaults, changing only the font style. It works fine except for one document.
In this one doc, the following happens:

  • No ToC entries are made for Header 2 or 3, only level 1.
  • An entire section/chapter appears in the ToC as listing for each numbered paragraph , even though those are in the “Text Body” style.
    Nothing I do either brings the levels 2 and 3 back, or gets rid of the extraneous entries.
    I’ve tried deleting the ToC and creating new ones, I’ve cut text and pasted it to new docs, nothing works.
    Again, this is on one document, not all.
    How do I fix it?
    Thanks for any help.

LO Writer 7.1.5 Windows 64 bit, Windows 10 up to date.

They are two ways to botch TOC:

  • fiddling with style definitions without knowing exactly what’s going on, in particular Outline level in Outline & Numbering tab,

  • adding manual formatting with Format>Paragraph (same attribute as above)

    If you added Outline level 1 while you were typing your chapter text, this explains why it ends up in the TOC.

And, as usual, if you want detailed analysis, attach a sample file.


Thanks for the comments. The connection of the problem to the styles was a help. I never did figure out which style was exactly the cause, but I was able to narrow down the problem to a specific section, so cutting that out and recreating it with plain text worked.

As the toc is usually based on styles, you should start checking the styles…