Problem with text wrap using very long words in Writer.

I’m trying to insert link to the right of the inserted image. The problem is, the link gets moved to the bottom of the picture. Enabling hyphenation sort-of solves this problem, but I don’t want any visible hyphens (because it’s a link).
Here is a picture to help visualize the problem:

image description

Of course, it looks like a bug. Besides filing it, you may use a workaround by using a 2-cell table and putting the image to the left cell (anchoring as character), and the address to the right one.

Another workaround: if you don’t really need the link to be visible from user (which is its added value?), you can make profit of Insert>Hyperlink allowing you to display a shorter text in Text input box instead og the unabridged link.

Image anchor is As Character? Change it to To Character.