Problem with Windows magnifier

Hi, I’ve problems in Libreoffice Write with a user with hypovision problems. After 10/15 minutes of normal working cursor disappair and next all what is selected/written isn’t written to screen.
I can scrool the document but all is freezed and menus are all blank.
If I safe the document all is refreshed ad what I’ve written appair exactly as entered, but menus won’t return in normal state and remail all blank. If I delete the user profile it’s working again for 10/15 minutes.
I’ve tryed in safe mode and disabling all graphics accelerators ( skia, GL and CL ) with no result.
Also with more different computers and s.o. (w10/11) the problem is the same.

This how to get to the Accessibility tools on my PC Tools>options>Accessibility

Sounds like a memory leak in Windows magnifier. This site, PB Apps crash when Windows magnifier is active , says turning off options in magnifier for Keyboard focus and Text cursor prevents crashes.

Otherwise, search for an alternative magnifier