Problem writing document

Using Libre Office 7.2

When writing documents I find the cursor wanders off and as I am not a touch typist and have to watch the keyboard my typing can continue anywhere within the document. Also large chunks of my composition suddenly become highlighted and if I don’t notice it quickly enough they get deleted.
Anyone have any ideas on a fix?

(You should edit the topic name to describe the actual problem instead of just saying “Problem”.)

Be more descriptive. Mention your OS name. But, above all, give more details about what happens: what are you doing when the problem occurs, what type of document you are creating (fully manually formatted, styled, macro-assisted, … ?). Try to give as much information so that we have a chance to recreate the issue.

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Cheap optical mice can do this. Sometimes, it can be from fluorescent lighting, other times there didn’t appear to be a sensible reason. For me it was more noticeable with Bluetooth mouse. Cleaning the sensor might offer a temporary fix.

After a couple of cheap mice, I invested in a better quality mouse and the problem has gone away. Cheers, Alistair