Problems after installation LibreOffice on Mac OS

After few days from installation LibreOffice app from Your website on Mac Pro, application was gone. I will try to install it again, and after few days, shortcut on my desktop was gone… there wasn’t possible to run it, because it isn’t exist.

I’ve changed topic.

Please provide your operating system version (10.6.8, 10.8.4, etc.) and the LibreOffice version. Installation instructions can be found here.

Mac OS: 10.8.4, LibreOffice problably 3.6.6

Did you move the App from the disc image that you downloaded to your hard drive? That is the installation process. If you open the .dmg file (the disc image), start LibreOffice from there, quit, shutdown and turn the computer back on, the disc image is ejected and you won’t see LibreOffice anymore.

From your desktop? Where did you install the software-in your applications folder?

I’ve launched browser, then I’ve opened LibreOffice website and I’ve installed LibreOffice app by Your wizzard. Shortcut to LibreOffice was created on Dock.

So after you install it and it shows up on your dock, at some point (“a few days”) it disappears from the dock? Does that sound correct? Bug fdo#54595 (app won’t start) may be related, although it was reported for v3.6.

I still do not get it. There is no wizard or any other related thing for Mac OS X. You just drag the application into any other folder you want. Are you sure it is not Windows?

oweng: yes, correctly. App dissapears from the dock automatically after few days of using it before.

Emir: there is a little wizzard, means to me… but no matter. It’s really Apple with Mac OS X:)