Problems converting MS Word .doc .docx to .odt

LibreOffice, en_uk, Writer on Windows 7, en_uk

I would like to convert MS Word .doc documents containing embedded draws (containing shapes created directly in MS Word) to .odt
In the converted document, the embedded draws look different from the original and, most of all, it does not seem to be editable (I mean I cannot select and edit any single shape), i.e. each draw seems to have been converted to a bitmap image.
I tried the conversions:

  1. opening the .doc from LibreOffice and saving as .odt
  2. opening the .doc from Word 2010 and saving as .odt
  3. opening the .doc from Word 2010, saving as .docx, reopening the .docx and saving as .odt
    Could you please suggest a solution so that the original draws remain embedded and editable, perhaps through LibreOffice Drawing?

Thanks in advance!

I am afraid that there is no solution. I also observe with graphical elements problems when converting from odt to doc or docx files. The reason is that MSo does not fully support ODF whereas LibO does.

If possible, I would edit all graphical elements in Word, and try to convert them in Word to metafiles or other formats MSO might offer. There, I see a chance to get graphical elements into odt-files.