Problems Exporting to PDF .odt files with same name

Hi all,

I have 2 files with the same name (I know it’s not usual, but that’s the situation), because they have the same name, they are in different folders.

I can open both with LO Writer at the same time and check them. When I want to export to PDF, LO Writer gets frozen. I’ve tried to close one of the files before exporting the other one, but it still have the same result. Even if I have closed the other file, keep working on the second file for a while, save it and try to export. LO Writer doesn’t work.

After it happens, I have to open the file again, only 1, save it, close it, open it one more time save it close it, and I can finally open it for the last time and export it to PDF.

I guess this is a bug caused for 2 files with the same name, which although uncommon it shouldn’t create such a problem.

Edit: I use Windows 10 and LO (x64).


Edit your question to mention OS name and LO version.

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Personally I don’t see why the name could be the cause of the problem.

Does the freeze happen when you change the file name to something different? I don’t think the problem is related to having 2 files with the same name.

Won’t they use the same LOCKFILE when you open two files with the same name? The paths are defined in the LibreOffice path settings. This problem would be removed with different filenames

I have edited the tags and Add OS and LO version. Thanks for the reminder.

It freeze when I click on the bottom PDF (Export directly as PDF), on the tab File. I used the Tabbed User Interface.

Sorry I am not familiar with the LOCKFILE, how can I check that?
I am sure using different filenames would remove the problem. With any other files I don’t have such a problem. But I cannot change the file names, there is a reason for having 2 files with the same name and that’s why I need to keep them on different folders. But sometimes I need to open them at the same time, regularly export to PDF.

@petermau: Since the equally named files are in different folders, the lockfiles will (should) also be. They are (should be) existing in exactly the folder the workfile was loaded from (or meanwhile “stored as” to) .
If LibO messes up something due to the equal names, however, the location of the lockfiles or the default location of a pdf-export might both be afflicted.

Windows 10 LO I made some identical files with identical names but in different folders - no problem exporting to pdf. I made some non-identical files with same name in different folders, once again no problem. I am fairly sure I have had identically named files open and exported to pdf in the past.

I wonder if Barbarur would experience the same problem in Safe Mode?