Problems opening Firebird Embedded Base files after upgrading LibreOffice to v.7.0.6

Hello: I have recently upgraded my LibreOffice instal on Mac OS ‘Catalina’ from version 6.4.7 to 7.0.6. All seemed to be well until I try to open one of my several Firebird Embedded Base (FBEB) files and get the following error (quoted below) when I click on the TABLES icon in the main Base Window. I also get the error the first time I click on the QUERIES icon (but not after that).

The connection to the data source "mydatabasename" could not be established.
firebird_sdbc error:
*connection shutdown
caused by

All my other FBEB files behave the same way. I wonder what is doing on? Do I need to back-grade to fix the problem? I had no problems like this with FBE Base files with LibreOffice v.6.4.7. (or in earlier versions of Libre Base). Any help would be much appreciated.

I now find that if I QUIT LibreOffice entirely, and then re-open the FBE database file, all works as expected (no error message is shown). Is this BUG REPORT relevant to the problem? So is it likely to be an intermittent problem I wonder?