Problems setting the default template in Writer

First, I have to say that I have the Spanish version of LibreOffice, so I’m sorry if some terms are not precise.

My problem is that I created some personalized page styles, I saved the template and set it as default. But when I close and re-open Writer, the page styles I’ve created are gone.

To save the template, I do the following: File → Save as template → Save. And after that, in the same dialog box: click in “Set as default” (I’m sorry I don’t know the exact phrase in English as I have the Spanish version).

I have LibreOffice in Linuxmint 13 XFCE.

I’ve realized that I have this problem when I save my documents in the MS format (.doc), but everything goes fine if I save it as .odt.

The thing is that I have to share the documents with people who uses MS-Office, is there any solution?

Thanks for your help.


See the following instructions on how to set the default template for LibreOffice Calc. The text is in English, but the screenshots are in Spanish.

The procedure is the same for LibreOffice Writer, except that in the final step you’ll click on the tab titled “Documents” (not the one “Spreadsheets”) to select your new template.

Save your file as .ott (LibreOffice Writer template file) and define it as your default template. Then you can simply use it and save any created document as .doc or any other format.

Thanks for the answer but this is what I was doing. I’ve found that the problem is when I save the document as a .doc. I’ll edit my original question to add this “detail”.